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Car Keys and ignition switches are where the game changes between the real full service locksmith companies and the unprofessional ones, WWM car Locksmiths are part of the few who can keep up with the race between the car manufactures and the automotive locksmiths.

Every year new security technologies added to the market new transponder chip systems, remote key systems and FOBIKs are inter to the game, when you lose your car key you forget how important it is to have your car secures on a daily basis and you wish you had no security system on the car at all.

Worry no more, our top pro car locksmith team can make any car key to almost any year make and model include programmable car keys, transponder keys, remote keys, FOBIKs, push to start systems and all the rest..

WWM car locksmith expert services:

⇒ Replacement car key
⇒ Car Lockout
⇒ Car key duplicate
⇒ Ignition switch replace or repair
⇒ Alarm system disconnect
⇒ Key programming
⇒ Keyless entry
⇒ Remote control
⇒ And many more..

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We carry in our trucks and vans the latest technologies to keep us with the manufactures security required to be provide you the option to have any key cut and program 24/7 at the location of the car, there is absolutely no need to tow it now where and wait for the next business day.

WWM car locksmith team also have the knowledge and tools to replace or repair many ignition switch cylinder that fail to work, many cars have known problem with its ignition switch cylinders like the ford focus 2000-2004, Toyota and Lexus, and the Honda ignition switch 2003 and later. We know how frustrated it may be to try to start the car and the ignition won’t turn suddenly, like you we know it will always happen when you are in most hurry. Out car locksmith team will come to you in emergency time frame of 20-30min and because we carry our entire inventory with us we will be able to repair, rebuild or replace ignition switches on the spot in no time.

We will do what others can’t and we will charge much less then the dealer when you get the same quality of work, Give us a call and see it for yourself.


Emergency automotive locksmith

WWM locksmith also service you if you locked the keys in the car or trunk, Our car locksmith emergency service work 24/7 just for times like that, We will come to you in about 20-30 min and open your car truck van or submarine faster than a bullet, so you can keep going with your day or night like nothing happened.


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