Mailbox Lock Key

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Lost your mailbox keys? We can replace it for you.

Very often our clients need to replace mailbox lock or lost mail box keys, WWM Locksmith Service can solve this issue for you in no time.

We stock all residential mailbox lock options and most of the commercial ones, once you call us we will come as soon as possible, pick your old lock if the box is locked and replace it with brand new, high quality, secure and USPS approved lock.

Avoid mail hold or even worst, return to sender because the box is too full, we can come today / tomorrow and open the mail box for you and provide your new keys.


This beautiful custom made mailbox was special ordered from Australia to one of our nicest customers, The key that originally came with it was not a good fit to the US market and snapped inside the mailbox lock after only few days of use, we customise this new lock to fit it as you see in the photos and now it is all working great again.

Please contact us with any issue you may have with your mailbox we promise to do anything possible and solve it for you.

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