Garage Maintenance

garage door maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

To keep your garage door and opener working good for many years you need to make sure to have it regular maintenance, while most of the maintenance job can be done by yourself in some parts of it you may want a professional help.

The garage door is a very big and heavy moving part and just like oil change and smog test in your car you have to lubricate and inspect your garage door. In most garage door systems there are more the 200 moving parts working together to open and close your garage door, many of these parts are subject to lub and sometime they break or go off balance.

A well maintenance garage door needs to be lubricated and inspected by the homeowner every 3 month and by a professional garage technician once a year.

WWM garage doors offer the annual garage door maintenance and inspection for our Orange County and Long Beach community.

DIY Garage Door Maintenance

Visual Inspection

When the door is fully closed stand inside the garage and using a flashlight go over all the garage system components slowly and carefully, start at the edge of the right track work your way through the track, drums, cables, springs, pulley, screws and everything in between, then inspect the door hinges, rollers and panels, then if the door work with an automatic garage door opener check the rail, lifting arm, and pulling mechanism (chain, belt or screw).
If you found any broken or loose piece call a professional to repair or replace it.

Balanced Garage Door Springs

Open your garage door manually (disengage the automatic opener if you have one) the door should be lifted easily, when it is fully opened leave it there and see if it is stay at the top position (be careful not to let the door fall on you). If the door is heavy to lift or it fall when it up the torque on the springs are not balanced please do not try to repair it yourself and call a professional.


Buy a dedicated garage door lubricate from any hardware store and lubricate ALL of the garage door system components, do not spay the cables and the edges of the springs. You can use extra lub on the rollers and hinges it will keep the door moving smooth and quite.

These practices should take you less than 10 minutes and you should do that every 3 month to keep your garage door working well for many years.
And remember if you notice any problem or suspect something isn’t right with your garage door system call us to set up your appointment and we will come to help

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