Broken Spring Replace

garage door springs

The garage door springs are very important components at the garage door hardware system, without the springs the garage door is basically another wall, It is very hard and even impossible to open a garage door without the springs helping with the weight lifting.

There are two forms of garage door springs, the torsion springs and extension springs and they differ in the way they observe the weight or the door. A standard residential garage door weight between 150-300lbs and wood doors may be much heavier than that, the extension / torsion springs job is to observe most of its weight and make it possible to open and close the door without any effort, whether by human or an automatic opener.

Garage Door Torsion Springs

torsion spring

Torsion springs are the most common spring system in most modern garage doors, it is widely used in new construction, residential garage doors and commercial doors as well.

The torsion springs will be usually mounted to the shaft at the top part of the garage door system, and will be bolted to the middle bracket that holds the shaft strait.

Torsion springs applying their torque on the shaft that passes the energy to the door through a system of drums and cables, when any of the components in this system breaks, huge amount of energy will release usually a load noise will be heard and the door may fall or go off truck.

Today best practice is to use two torsion springs to any garage system for safety purposes, when the torsion springs snap on one spring system the door weight and earth gravity will force it down crashing everything on its way. When using two spring system they balance each other and in case one spring snap the second one will keep resist to the door weight and keep it possible to safely take it down and call a professional, also when using two torsion springs the door weight and torque will split in two what will keep the springs working for many more years.

Garage Door Extension Springs

extension springs

Extension springs are garage door springs that as the name suggest extend and contract to counterbalance the door weight, this spring system usually contain one or two extension springs on each side of the door, connected directly to the cables who lift it.

While torsion springs break the extension spring sometime need to be replaced even when it is still in one peace you can tell when you see the spaces in the spring are unsymmetrical.

When installed correctly with a safety cable a broken extension spring will be less dramatically event then a torsion one. On the other hand if installed by an unprofessional a broken extension spring will be very dangerous event, the spring will bounce and fly between the door frame and the poly frame and may cause serious injuries and damage.





When it come to garage door spring replace there is no other option then calling a professional, the torque on your garage door system is extremely dangerous, many garage door professional injured every year performing this routing job exactly.
WWM technicians are trained to take all the necessary safety measures when performing a garage door spring replace job, even after replacing 1000’ of springs we still make sure we follow every step of the process with extra attention and careful.
We carry in our trucks and vans both springs options extension and torsion in many different sizes what allow us to finish 95% of our service calls in one visit and our customers to spend the minimum amount of time and effort taking care of their garage door problems.

How much a garage door spring repair cost?

The cost of a broken spring replace job will usually be around $150-$400 there many options and combinations of springs sizes and types. Also the price will be differ depend on the job site some door system will need more labor work to replace the broken spring while other will be a very quick job.
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